Thursday, August 7, 2014

for the absence of writing

My blog is named "The Mundane Made Beautiful,"  and I've been writing here for years.  This blog has served several purposes, but for the most part it was either me figuring out life, me making the mundane things in life beautiful.

In the wake of my recent nuptials, I find myself with little to say to the world.  It's as if my need to process my world through writing is gone.  My life is mundane, and it is beautiful, and all of that is simultaneously not worth sharing and worthy of not sharing.

I think it's why my Facebook presence has subtly shifted, as well.  I post pictures of my new life every once in a while, I share things once in a while, I try to give things away, I talk about my dog.  But all of it is less than it once was.  It's less often, and it's less of who I actually am.

I just don't need the Internet in the ways I once did.

My life isn't perfect.  Parts of it really suck.  I'm processing so much, dealing with so much.

But I'm no longer alone, and that partnership saves me of the need of proving myself to the world, of baring my soul to the world.  I'm free to just be me now.

Maybe some day I'll come back to writing.  Maybe some day I'll share stories about the married life, maybe (heaven forbid) I'll become a mommy blogger.

But, in any case,
Goodbye for now.